Wasserman Stern is not a law partnership. Each of our attorneys works independently.

  • To provide individualized legal services at a reasonable cost.
  • To treat clients with utmost respect, and to be responsive to client needs.
  • To find the most cost effective solutions to problems.
  • To use creative thinking as a means to achieve superior results.

We understand that legal services are expensive and oftentimes cost prohibitive. We understand that you are not “made of money.” That is why we strive to employ the best “bottom line” strategy to achieve what you need. We do not create needless work or employ unnecessary tactics to run up bills. We do, however, ensure that the services we perform are complete, thorough, and second to none. And we strive for the most practical result.

Oftentimes, lawyers are out of touch with the reality of business sense. Some attorneys engage in substantial efforts to win a battle only to ultimately lose the war. We try to attain success while keeping the big picture at the forefront.

Some law firms are large and impersonal. While you may go to a particular firm because of the reputation of certain lawyers, you may find that your file is sent off to an associate that does not possess the skills and understanding that your case requires.

We also have a philosophy of responding to your questions and inquiries on a timely basis. We always return calls and promptly respond to letters/e-mails. Someone in the office is always available to answer your questions. When you hire a law firm, you should feel confident that the lawyers are there to assist and guide you through the process.