When My Tenant Wants Her Dog Sitter to Move In

My tenant is going to travel for several months and wants a friend to move in as a “dog sitter” while he is gone. What should I do? Tenant must obtain the prior written approval of Owner if an invitee or guest of Tenant will be present at the Premises for more than fifteen (15)

Can I Rent My Condo Out Without Being Under Rent Control?

I own a three-unit building which I converted to condominiums. I have never sold any of the units; but I live on the top floor and rent out the other two units. If I moved out of my top-floor flat, would it be subject to rent control? The short answer is “yes,” both the rent limitations and eviction

When a Tenant Moves In His Girlfriend

My tenant asked me, via email, if his girlfriend can move in. If I say yes, does that waive my right to raise the rate to market rent if he eventually moves out and she stays? How should I respond to his email? If you have no objection with the girlfriend moving in, or there

Mold Complaints

Recently, one of our tenants has been complaining that her nose is stuffed up whenever she is in the building and that she believes there is mold. We looked, but did not see any. Still, she believes it is there and is asking us if she can break her lease. What should we do? Mold

Special Circumstances

I am renting one unit to my nephew and his girlfriend at a discounted rate. Is it okay to put only my nephew on the lease even though I know his girlfriend will be moving in as well? If they break up, will she be able to stay at the discounted rate if he moves

Waiving your right to enforce lease

One of my tenants recently asked me if he could keep a friend’s small dog for a week while the friend is away on vacation. I have a no-pet provision in my lease, but I don’t mind the short-term stay. But, if I allow the tenant to do this, do I waive my right to