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Don’t Accept Rent from Subtenants

I have two tenants in one of my units, only one of whom is on the lease. When a recent rent payment was due, I accepted payment from them both, though the tenant who is not on the lease did not pay all the rent that she was supposed to. From now on, can I

wasserman stern attorneys at law

Comfort and Service Animal Issues

I have a prospective tenant who wants to move into a vacant unit and she has a comfort pet. Her financials are good, but I’d rather rent to another tenant whose financials are just as good but who doesn’t have a comfort pet. Can I do so without it seeming like I’m discriminating against the

Notes on Chiu Airbnb

Does the Chiu Airbnb legislation override the provisions against this kind of subletting in the SFAA lease? The short answer is “no,” it does not, as more fully explained below. On October 7, 2014, the Board of Supervisors passed legislation sponsored by Board President David Chiu that allows tenants and owners to rent their primary

Costa Hawkins v. Section 1.21

I have an 80-year-old tenant that I have not seen in six months, though he continues to send rent checks postmarked from outside SF. The phone has been disconnected and the locks have been changed. I have posted a note on the door requesting a new set. The note was removed one month later but

Guidelines for Additional Key Sets

A tenant wants her boyfriend of six months to move in and asked me for another restricted access building key for him. If I permit the move-in, how do I give her the key without establishing him as a master tenant? The rent law was amended in 2005 to allow tenants to request and receive

Should Everyone Sign the Lease?

We have two subtenants who are going to sign a new lease as master tenants. The third subtenant has elected to remain off the lease and stay a subtenant of the two other tenants. Is there anything we need to do about this third tenant to protect ourselves down the line? Or is he entirely