Waiting for the Repair Guy

My tenant’s stove is broken and the service company has given me a four-hour window during which they will arrive. If I give the tenant proper notice, can I expect her to be home until the work is finished and the service person leaves? If not, what should I do? There is no proper notice

Judging Judges

This message is being sent with utmost urgency. Unlike the typical and expected maneuverings by our Board of Supervisors of fronting irresponsible and harmful legislation, this November we face a far more serious threat to our industry: a judicial election. Many of you have probably paid little, if any, attention to the challenge by Supervisor Gerardo

OMI Units

My mother lives in one of the units in my building.  Recently, she has needed more help and I would like to vacate one of the units so that I can stay over on nights when she needs me.  I don’t plan to make the unit my primary residence; I just want to sleep over

Subdividing a Home

I own a single-family home, which I use as an office, but live elsewhere. I rent out the bedrooms, but there is no master tenant. Does my building fall under rent control? Many owners mistakenly believe that single-family homes are exempt from rent control.  In most instances, if the home was built before June 13,

Rent Board Report: The Domesticated Kangaroo

As a teenager in the 1980s, growing up within a family heavily involved with San Francisco apartment buildings, I was taught that the Rent Board was a forum of tenant advocacy, a place where owners were demonized, and an administrative body with secret rulings and procedures. In essence, the property owners would often term it a

Foreclosure Responsibilities

My building is going be foreclosed. What is my responsibility to my tenants after the bank takes control of the building? Do I need to warn them before the building is taken? Many apartment buildings in San Francisco are being transferred to banks and other financial institutions as a result of the dire economy. In January