When a Tenant Dies

A tenant’s death terminates the tenancy. However, the owner generally does not regain possession of a rental unit immediately after the death. Instead, there may be several issues to confront before the unit can be re-rented. First, if there are any questionable circumstances surrounding the passing, the County Coroner’s Office and/or the Police Department will seal off

Pet Policy Q&A

There are no dogs allowed in my building. The other day a tenant came in with a dog. When I confronted him about it, he said the dog was a comfort pet for a visiting friend. (The friend was not in evidence at the time.) What are the rules regarding visitors’ comfort pets? If the

Foreclosure Notes

My building is going be foreclosed. What is my responsibility to my tenants after the bank takes control of the building? Do I need to warn them before the building is taken? Many apartment buildings in San Francisco are being transferred to banks and other financial institutions as a result of the dire economy. In January

Buy-out Blues?

Upset over your recent buy-out here in The City? Then consider what our friends in the Big Apple have to contend with! Catherine and Alistair Economakis wanted to convert a 15-unit rental property on East 3rd Street in Manhattan into their single-family residence. After five expensive years of litigation, which included an appeal to New York’s highest appellate

Changes for 2009

While Sacramento was quiet, the voters in San Francisco made a major change to the landlord-tenant arena by passing Proposition M in November. As explained by industry attorney Clifford E. Fried in a feature article appearing in the SFAA Magazine, Prop M faces immediate legal challenges by way of the court system. Aside from Prop M, rental

Increased Rent for Increased Services

If a service is added to an existing tenancy, can a rent increase be given? I am considering allowing a tenant to have a pet and she agreed to pay an extra $75 per month for this right, despite the fact that her lease prohibits pets. This question addresses an unwritten rule in the San Francisco