Options During the COVID Era

Our tenant has not paid rent since March, claiming COVID-19 hardships.  We believe he is still working.  What are our options? The COVID-19 crisis has forced us as an industry to instantly reevaluate how

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Temporary Rent Reduction Agreements

Before the COVID-19 crisis changed our world, owners were usually not asked to temporarily reduce or forbear a tenant’s rent.  That reality has now changed, as unemployment numbers are off the charts and incomes

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On-Site Manager Rule

Am I required to have an on-site manager for my 16-unit building?  There is a resident who takes care of the building’s maintenance for me in exchange for discounted rent.  Is this good enough?

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Subtenants and Security Deposits

The last master tenant moved out of my unit and is asking me to return the security deposit. I know I have 21 days to return it, but I just sent a market-rate rent