Changes for 2009

While Sacramento was quiet, the voters in San Francisco made a major change to the landlord-tenant arena by passing Proposition M in November. As explained by industry attorney Clifford E. Fried in a feature article appearing in the SFAA Magazine, Prop M faces immediate legal challenges by way of the court system. Aside from Prop M, rental

Increased Rent for Increased Services

If a service is added to an existing tenancy, can a rent increase be given? I am considering allowing a tenant to have a pet and she agreed to pay an extra $75 per month for this right, despite the fact that her lease prohibits pets. This question addresses an unwritten rule in the San Francisco

Section 37.9(e)

  San Francisco Rent Ordinance Section 37.9(e) states: “It shall be unlawful for a landlord or any other person who willfully assists the landlord to endeavor to recover possession or to evict a tenant except as provided in Section 37.9(a) and (b). Any person endeavoring to recover possession of a rental unit from a tenant

Keep Spouses Off of the Lease

September 2008 Q: Our tenant just asked if she could add her new husband to the lease. Can we deny her request? Yes, and you absolutely should deny this request. Adding someone to a lease agreement may make the new person a co-tenant. Under a state law known as the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, rent can be re-set beyond

Waiting for the Repair Guy

My tenant’s stove is broken and the service company has given me a four-hour window during which they will arrive. If I give the tenant proper notice, can I expect her to be home until the work is finished and the service person leaves? If not, what should I do? There is no proper notice

Judging Judges

This message is being sent with utmost urgency. Unlike the typical and expected maneuverings by our Board of Supervisors of fronting irresponsible and harmful legislation, this November we face a far more serious threat to our industry: a judicial election. Many of you have probably paid little, if any, attention to the challenge by Supervisor Gerardo